• Our Company

    Your Northwest Leader in Sustainable Metal Recycling Since 1983

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    What We Do

    Bob's Metals, Inc. ("BMI") provides high quality metal recycling services to industrial, manufacturing and service industries throughout Oregon and Washington. We operate on a fourteen acre recycling facility in North Portland and offer timely pick-ups, experienced sales staff and well trained truck drivers. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment including material handlers with grapples and magnets, forklifts, mobile shears, balers and metallurgical analyzers to help you recycle your scrap material effectively.


    BMI processes scrap metal by sorting, cutting, torching, shearing and baling. We have a strong commitment to efficient and environmentally friendly processing to manufacture metals to specific size, density and quality that is preferred by steel mills and foundries for melting in the production of new finished products.

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    Our History

    Bob Weinstein - Founder​

    Bob’s Metals, Inc. was established as a Portland, Oregon based family business in 1983. The Company was founded by Bob and Idelle Weinstein. Bob served as a one man operation servicing the scrap metal recycling needs of local community businesses. Through a strong commitment to honesty, integrity and competitive pricing, Bob developed a well-known reputation within the industry.


    Bob grew up in the scrap metal recycling business working at various yards during high school and college. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a business degree, Bob began a career in the industry employed by many of the scrap yards in the Portland, Oregon and Tacoma, Washington areas. Bob brought seventeen years of experience to the opening of Bob’s Metals, Inc. at its first location under the Ross Island Bridge. Twenty four years later the company relocated to its present day site on N. Columbia Blvd. This move provided more space for operations and equipment and positioned the Company to continue its growth for years to come.


    After decades of service, Bob's Metals, Inc. has grown into one of the northwest's leading metal processing facilities. The Company is currently owned and operated by the second generation of family members that have brought years of higher education and experience from other scrap metal recycling businesses and public and private industries. BMI is well positioned for long-term growth building on a strong foundation and proud reputation of honesty, integrity and competitive prices initiated by Bob Weinstein more than 30 years ago.

  • Our Services

    Service is one of our competitive advantages. Our commercial account drivers are well trained, courteous and ready to assist you with material pickup within a twenty four hour turnaround time. We operate a fleet of roll-off and semi-trucks and have other specialized equipment available to meet the demands of your hauling needs. We offer 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, 40 yard, 4x4 and 4x6 boxes with lidded options available. We welcome direct deliveries to our yard and large scale dealer transactions. We support both short-term and long-term business opportunities with or without a contract. We use industry accepted market index pricing to ensure the most competitive and transparent pricing. Our customer service is considered to be top notch and among the best in the Pacific Northwest region.

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    Manufacturers, Fabricators, Contractors, Machine Shops and Service Centers

    Does your business generate ferrous or nonferrous scrap metal from a manufacturing process? Bob's Metals, Inc. will partner with you to provide customized scrap metal recycling solutions that allow you to focus on running your operation efficiently and maximizing scrap revenues.


    We have a large variety of specialized equipment to meet your specific recycling needs. Service is our priority and we take pride in our on-demand responsiveness and attention to our customers and suppliers.


    Call us today at 503-295-3636 or email us at sales@bobsmetals.com.

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    Homeowners, Tradesperson and General Public

    Our North Portland facility is open to the general public. At Bob's Metals, Inc. we will pay you to recycle items you might have otherwise thrown away in the landfill. We are capable of handling any job, no matter the scale.


    We do not buy material that contains gases, oils or refrigerants. Any item that previously contained fluids of any kind must be drained and properly disposed of in accordance with local and federal regulations prior to delivery our facility.


    We can pay you cash or check for ferrous metals the same day and can send check payment for non-ferrous metals after 3 days in accordance with state and local metal theft laws.

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    Scrap Yards and Scrap Traders

    Do you have your own scrap yard or scrap brokerage business? We will purchase most of your ferrous and nonferrous metals. Partner with us and maximize your scrap revenues by working directly with Bob's Metals, Inc. for the most competitive pricing.


    Contact a buyer today at 503-295-3636 or email us at sales@bobsmetals.com.

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  • Our Products

    Bob's Metals, Inc. sells scrap metal to customers domestically in the United States and around the world via truck, rail and container ship taking advantage of our extensive freight network. We are known for our cut grade steel commodities and Aluminum, Stainless and Copper nonferrous commodities. We process and sell most all ferrous and nonferrous commodities.

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  • Our People

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    Bob’s Metals, Inc. has thrived through two generations of family leadership because we value the great relationships we have cultivated with our extended family of employees and customers. Our employees stay with us because we offer a healthy environment in which they may grow their career. As an employee of Bob’s Metals, Inc. you will find a balance between engaging work and your personal life. We encourage personal and professional development in our employees with opportunities to excel inside and outside the company.

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    Mike is a graduate of Oregon State University and earned a Bachelor of Science with honors in Business Management. Mike has worked in the scrap metal recycling industry for more than a decade. He worked for the Company during college and subsequently gained experience with a large scrap recycling operation that is a Fortune 500 public company. In 2007, he brought his operational, management and technology expertise to the relocation of Bob's Metals, Inc. at its present site. Mike has been instrumental in the growth and development of yard operations and expansion of domestic and export markets.


    Contact Me: mike@bobsmetals.com

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    Chief Executive Officer

    David is a graduate of the University of Oregon and earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Spanish. He is recognized as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by the Oregon State Board of Accountancy and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants. David began a career in public accounting with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and developed an extensive knowledge of accounting and financial practices, business operations and management. He brought this experience to the Bob's Metals, Inc. executive management team in 2012 and has been instrumental in assisting with the company’s financial growth and expansion.


    Contact Me: david@bobsmetals.com

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    General Manager

    Peter is a graduate of Concordia University in Portland, OR and earned an Executive M.B.A. from University of Portland. His thirty plus year career as a senior executive has included the building, managing and directing of worldwide service and operations organizations in Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, such as Mentor Graphics, Tektronix, Intel and Knowledge Universe. He built customer loyalty by delivering the highest levels of organizational effectiveness, service, expertise, responsiveness and customer satisfaction. He has been active in the Scrap Recycling Industry since 2009. Peter is a past President of the Pacific NW Chapter of ISRI and is active in several National Committees on Scrap Recycling.


    Contact Me: peter@bobsmetals.com

  • Corporate Responsibility

    At Bob’s Metals, Inc., our first priority is to serve our clients with the highest level of assistance, response and protection possible. We will always offer our suppliers and customers the security of knowing that their materials have been dealt with safely and with environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to minimizing the impact to the environment and protecting worker health and safety. Our goal is not to merely meet expectations and current standards, but to exceed and surpass them. We do this by responding in a timely manner, our logistics, customer service, and most of all our reliability.


    Bob’s Metals, Inc. and its employees are committed to attaining the highest level of customer service by treating our customers with respect, listening and responding to our customers' questions, resolving issues to our customers' satisfaction and following up with our customers and measuring their satisfaction such that we are exceeding their expectations.


    Bob's Metals, Inc. is committed to the prevention of workplace incidents, including but not limited to injuries and ill-health by strict adherence to the applicable guidelines and regulations established by OR-OSHA.


    Bob's Metals, Inc. and its personnel are committed to complying with all environmental requirements of the governing legal authorities, as well as industry and additional best management practices requirements to which the company subscribes. Furthermore, we are committed to the review and continual improvement of our Quality Environmental Health & Safety Management System and activities to minimize impact on the environment and the prevention of pollution with striving to achieve our environmental targets and objectives.

    Bob's Metals, Inc. Stormwater Treatment System

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    Bob's Metals, Inc. has made a significant investment in the environmental stewardship of its recycling operations, most importantly through the installation of a 300 gallon per minute electrocoagulation stormwater treatment center. We collect stormwater runoff from our entire fourteen acre site and use enhanced filtration technology to remove total suspended solids, heavy metals, emulsified oils, bacteria and other contaminants before placing treated stormwater back into the ground through a Department of Environmental Quality approved Underground Infiltration Gallery (UIC) in order to protect freshwater aquifers and eliminate any off-site discharges. Our facility is one of the only scrap metal recycling operations in the United States to have a fully contained zero discharge site.

    Our Core Values (The 5 B's)

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    Be Responsive

    We react faster than our competition. Customer service is our priority.

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    Be Honest

    We tell the truth to our employees, suppliers, and customers. We stand behind our deals.

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    Be Safe

    We work the highest safety standards in mind every day. We are environmental stewards making ecological issues an integral part of all our business activities.

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    Be Together

    We work as a team to achieve personal and professional goals and objectives.

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    Be Better

    We go above and beyond expectations. We rise above our competition. We raise the bar.

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  • Facility Information

    Main Phone: 503-295-3636 | Fax: 503-286-3004 | sales@bobsmetals.com

    Hours of Operation

    Monday to Friday 7:00 am until 3:00 pm

    Closed Saturday and Sunday


    Facility Address

    9000 N. Denver Ave., Portland, OR 97217 (Truck Access)


    1815 N. Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97217 (No Truck Access)


    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 17353, Portland, OR 97217

    Driving Directions

    1) Take I-5 North toward Seattle

    2) Take exit 306B to Expo Center
    3) Turn left at N. Victory Blvd.
    4) Turn left onto ramp toward Lombard St. / Interstate Ave.
    5) Merge onto N. Interstate Ave.
    6) Continue 1/4 mile and turn left into Bob's Metals.

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